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~ Flying Objects or Anomalous Phenomena. It's no longer a question of whether or not they're real. It's how long will the slow drip of disclosure take before we the people are given an official briefing on the truth? ~


Stephen Basset UFO activist, and founder

of the Paradigm Research Group. & youtube

Grant Cameron - Researcher and proponent

of the link between UFO's and consciousness. 

Links: 1,   2,   3  & youtube

Richard Dolan Author, publisher, historian

of the UFO cover-up and false-flag operations. & youtube 

Dr. Steven Greer - Founder of the Center for the Study of ET Intelligence, and Disclosure Project. & youtube

Linda Moulton Howe - Award-winning

journalist and a preeminent UFO researcher. & youtube

 Sources shedding light on the subject  

- Declassified Documents

- Articles & Resources

- Collects Data of Sightings

- National UFO Reporting Center  

- Of Arts & Science

- Datebase of all Things

- UFO/Paranormal News 

- Covering many aspects

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