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An awakening souls conversation with their higher self
An Awakening Soul 

"Either I've gone mad, or the world has? There's all this talk of corruption and conspiracies, ufo sightings, cover-ups, 

disclosure movements, whistleblowers,

secret societies & space programs, fake 

news, elite familiesfalse flags, human traffickingbases on the moon, ruins in Antartica, EMF's, energies, dimensions,

timelines, a simulation theory, weather control, grid-work, solar flares & DNA

upgrades, soul mates & twin flames, 

spirits, channeling, archangels, karmic ties, past lives, ego, inner-work, time travel, lightworkers, the Schumann 

Resonance, shifts in consciousness and eventually,,, ascension! And there's evenexpos and conventions where people 

gather to talk about many of these 

subjects! Meanwhile, I feel totally 

overwhelmed, drained, and exhausted. 

And if that ain't enough, I've gone bald!"

Their Higher Self  

"Your consciousness is expanding. It's why you came for this human experience. To take part in making a better world. You've had unseen guidance giving you clues because your soul wants more for you, by helping work towards something greater than you could currently imagine. And right now, you're in a transition period. Besides, just the fact you care is reason enough to begin. So, on your feet chrome-dome and forget about hair, we've got work to do!"

 Sensei Humor 

The reply from

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