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Just a little heads up.
They're dark, endless, and you can forget about
fresh air! And ahh, sorry for all the droppings. . .

      Assuming you read the 'Beliefs' page, you get the idea of the many topics one could come across down in the rabbit hole of life. And there are plenty of people to be found on the internet who are talking about them. Now I'm not here to convince anybody of anything since learning to use discernment is critical during these awakening times, but with so many of those subjects having been researched, written about and becoming more openly discussed, they're getting difficult to ignore.

      If you feel your mind is being bent and twisted into a pretzel you are not alone, you're right where you need to be, hovering in and around the wondrous mystery of life, while searching for answers that are slowly unfolding before our very 'veiled' eyes. How else could you expect to wake millions of sound asleep beings to a hidden reality without causing mass hysteria? How about gently, via-consciousness, so as not to disrupt the delicate, collective balance of an old-world psyche and the new paradigm begging to be born?

      There is an unfolding truth to why we are here on this planet. Not only as a race of beings but as individual souls having a human experience, amongst the chaos of changing times. More people are starting to question their world, with topics previously less accessible without a library card, let alone high-speed internet. We've come a long way in a short while, so pay attention to your intuition and believe in reasons for things unreasonable.

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