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~ Energy expressed as thought or emotion by a non-physical entities' transmission through a human 'Channel' that can sense the communication from a higher dimension of existence and translate it into words. ~

Darryl Anka - Bashar - Writer, Producer, Director on three films. Darryl has also channeled Bashar since 1983, and he still tours and channels publicly. & youtube

Lee Carroll - Kryon - Channeler of Kryon since 1989, Lee has written over a dozen books, even channeling before the United Nations. & youtube

Ester Hicks - Abraham - Ester began channeling the inspirational 'Abraham' group in 1985, and is still appearing at conferences to this day. & youtube

Edgar Cayce - The most renowned channel for his unique abilities that are well documented. Explore his life's work at the A.R.E. Association for Research & Enlightenment.

Barbara Marciniak - Bringers of the Dawn - The first of her books on the teachings from the Pleiadians whom Barbara has channeled since 1988. & youtube

Jane Roberts - The Seth Material - Author and trance channel who wrote prolifically to help launch the New Age movement. & youtube

Helen Schucman - A Course in Miracles - A Professor of Psychology, Helen wrote the three vol. set on spiritual psyhotherapy between 1965 & 1972. & youtube

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