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Clues & Faith

      Due in part to the experiences of my youth, my thoughts about this world always seemed to run deep. After my awakening, I gained a new appreciation for what I now see as my life's 'Journey.' How a past I tried to bury as painful, had, in fact, given me the opportunity to develop a more intuitive, empathic nature around others. And what I felt to be more of a flaw, I now know as a strength. Because having compassion and understanding is essential if this world is to change for the better.

      More people are awakening to the realization that the reality we live in can intentionally intervene alongside us in mysterious ways, and that we’re not alone in the Universe, and never have been. That’s been one aspect of my awakening. After closer examination of what it means to be human, along with the self-evaluation and acceptance of my own flaws, another was learning to both love & forgive myself and others. Understanding how we’re all a part of this planets’ evolvement through consciousness, courtesy of our incarnated souls that are waking up and remembering why we’re here.

      There’s an ongoing battle over the collective minds of the people on this planet. But can the current ‘Global Awakening’ be slowed down? Is anyone immune to the unseen intervention taking place? More people are now questioning our world, what’s important to them, and how they can make a difference. So you could say I felt ‘called upon’ to help those who are struggling by sharing some of my story and findings. Because in-between the truth & lies that we continually seem to grapple with, changes continue to happen, and we’re all evolving - ready, or not. 


Contact is Within Reach

      Years ago, my entire awakening journey and the building of this website would’ve been inconceivable? Therefore, I wanted to build something I only wish I had found when I was in those early stages. To help bring awareness, hope and faith for a reality-check I knew others would eventually have to face. And that’s being here on this planet and getting ‘spoon-fed’ the truth, during a global transition of epic proportions that is currently underway.

      WITHINSIDEOUT has given me a place to get some helpful information out there, while I continue to use the guidance that’s nudged me along this far moving forward. So stay tuned for future additions and updates, most notably to the expansion of the Resource section. And please share WITHINSIDEOUT to anyone who may resonate with its message and content.   

Millie Weaver - Investigative journalist arrested before release of her documentary 'Shadow Gatearticles: 1,  2  & YouTube

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