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~ The more we learn in the fields of science, the better understanding we have of the Universe around us. But can science and spirituality coexist in the common pursuit of answers to our existence? ~

Gregg Braden - Best selling author of consciousness literature. He covers the reversal of the Earth's magnetic polarity, how human emotions effect our DNA, and the healing effects of collective prayer. & youtube

Dr. Joe Dispenza - International educator researching meditation, epigenetics, and brain-mapping to show how our brains can be rewired for health, happiness and more fulfilled lives. & youtube

Dr. Bruce Lipton - Stem cell biologist, author, and lecturer of epigenetics, which is how environment controls cell physiology through molecular pathways, connecting the mind & body through spirit. & youtube


is not only 

compatible with 

spirituality; it is a

profound source of spirituality"

       -Carl Sagan 

Institution for Mystical Experience Research & Education

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