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The Calm Before & After

      Given the current times we are living in, awakenings are now happening at a faster rate than ever before. There's waking to this mysterious, beautiful yet conflicted world we're all a part of, and there can also be personal issues one may have to face for clarity and healing. You may have to overcome a confusing revelation or circumstance, or make a well-needed change in your life to propel you down a new and better path. And while awakening experiences are unique to the individual, a common realization is that many of the people we encounter, for better or worse, can serve a purpose in our growth. While we strengthen our souls before we eventually exit these human vessels.

      In my included story ‘Rise & Shine,’ I give a glimpse of my awakening to show how it connected certain dots to my past, which seem to have transcended time in a linear sense. If you’ve ever heard the phrase ‘Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world,’ you’ll understand why I chose the name WITHINSIDEOUT. It felt like the best way to describe the personal work one must do to see the mysterious Universe intervening in your life. And as you pay closer attention to the things happening in your immediate reality, you may notice the signs appearing as synchronistic coincidences, which can either be subtle or extreme, depending on how asleep you are? I consider them bread crumbs of a life path waiting to be discovered, with no end to the intrigue.

      After becoming convinced that there’s more reason for being here on this Earth than I ever could have imagined, I learned to follow the signs and trust my instincts. I’ve also gained respect for anybody currently trying to navigate their own internal process. I feel for them because I’ve been there, through the dark days of purging, shedding, and asking: What’s the meaning of it all? Because there must be reasons people are waking up now more than ever, on a planet filled with distractions and manipulations designed to divert our minds from our soul’s highest potential. Could it be to save Mother Earth, collectively, from ourselves? For maybe then we can learn to thrive alongside her in peace and harmony, once and for all! Without all the pollution, greed, hate, oppression, sex abuse, and killing that goes on here.

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