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Suicide Prevention Hotline - People care,

more than some may realize. 1-800-273-8255

Our Bodies, Minds & Souls 


~ Earth can be a challenging and traumatic place for a soul. Any old core wounds that we can carry may be internalized or projected onto others. But we can learn to heal and release them! ~

Salini Teri Apocada - MK Ultra sex slavery survivor turned author and sacred planetary alchemist. Amazing lady! & youtube

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai - Scientist, innovator, educator and fighter of truth with a wonderful

website. & youtube

Beauty for Freedom - Empowering survivors

of human trafficking through creative arts. & youtube

Book of Remedies - Dr. Nicole Apelian and nature's gift towards healing and well being. & youtube

Dr. Zach Bush - Intrinsic educator of human genomic health via soil/water gut/brain related & youtube

Joseph Campbell - Author, and educator of the human experience, mythology and comparative 

religion., quotes & youtube

Cancer Cures? - Some alternative answers,  &

Delores Cannon - Author, who developed the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. & youtube

Dr.Shankara Chetty - Natural Science

Biologist curing Covid-19 with his breakthrough treatment. & youtube

Mantak Chia - Founder of the Universal Tao Healing System which is taught worldwide. & youtube

Allison Coe - QHHT & BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) practitioner, dream interpreter & 

intuitive counselor. & youtube

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - Treatment

that effectively changes thinking and behavioral problems. & youtube

Newly Added

Darkness to Light - Empowering adults

to end child sexual abuse. & youtube

Ram Dass - Spiritual teacher, psychologist, 

author and New Age guru who's spirit lives on. & youtube

Dr. John Douillard, DC,CAP - Global

leader of natural health and creator of Lifespa. & youtube

Newly Added

EES - Energy Enhancement System, popping up in cities around the world for a reason. & youtube

Eye Movement Desensitization 

Reprocessing A therapy for rewiring the brain from trauma. & youtube

Empathy & Narcissism - How both can play

a big part of the human condition. & youtube

Frequencies - If music can uplift your mood,

could certain frequencies really heal you? & youtube

Havening - Technique to de-traumatize certain memories in the brain through hypnotherapy and human touch. & youtube

Dr. David Hawkins - Renowned psychiatrist, 

physician, spiritual teacher and lecturer. 

17LevelsOf HumanConsciousness & youtube

Louise Hay - 'Heal your Body' - Louise's 

teachings remain an inspiration today., & youtube

Karen Holton - Web host, energy & wellness educator. Seller of orgone generators & crystals. & youtube

HSP - Dislike bright lights, loud noises, avoid violence in media, or need plenty of alone time?

You're probably a & youtube

Human Condition - Jeremy Griffin explains 

what it means to live in freedom of it & youtube

Human Trafficking - What to know, what to

look for, how to get help. hotline # 888-373-7888.

website  Links: 1,   2

Paula Hurlock - A wise lady teaching wellness

to women with holistic medicines and one-day retreats. youtube   book time with

Hyperbaric Chambers - Pressurized oxygen 

that saturates red blood cels repairs tissues at a normal function rateLinks: 1,   2  & youtube

Matt Kahn - Spiritual teacher, author and

empathic healer with millions of YouTube followers. & youtube

Lorie Ladd - Teacher, speaker, author and guide

for consciousness shifting and expansion. & youtube

Kaya Leigh - Master breather work practitioner, creator of the sacred breath method, and founder

of on youtube

Newly Added

Lifetune - Reduce the Electromagnetic Frequencies from your devices and your life. & youtube

Lilou Mace - Interviewer & video blogger

with years of inspirational people & content. & youtube

Dr. Rev Christopher Macklin - Divine healer using light beings, and founder of the, on youtube

Aubrey Marcus - Filmmaker, podcaster, author

and entrepreneur of Omnit, for total human

optimization. & youtube

Tracey Marks - With 20 years teaching mental health education for self improvement & youtube


Dr. Gabor Maté - Addiction, childhood

trauma, and mind-body health expert. & youtube

Donna McGrath - NIH Molecular biologist

turned renown spiritual healer and miracle facilitator. & youtube

Lynne McTaggart - Spiritual author & co-founder of the magazine 'What Doctors Don't Tell You.' & youtube

Med Beds - Could we one day say goodbye to traditional medicines and surgeries? & rumble

Meditation - Quiet the mind and reduce stress with transcendental & guided. & youtube

Drunvalo Melchizedek - Author, meditation proponent, and school of remembering creator., & youtube

Meridian Tapping Techniques - Method of repairing blockages in the bodies energy system & youtube

Newly Added

Dr. Ana Mihalcea  - Reversing diseases and chronic ailments through light medicine

Link  & rumble

Dr. Norma Milanovich - Liaison for Ascended masters, sharing their insight on the days of light & youtube

Mooji - Spiritual teacher of self inquiry, with us

as timeless beings of pure consciousness & youtube

Music Therapy - Can regulate moods as a drug-free option for healing both depression & physical issues. musictherapy & youtube

Myneurogym - Strengthen your mental and emotional skills through 'Innercise.' & youtube

Bridget Neilson - Intuitive healer, speaker, chef

& artist, helping assimilate new ways of living

and being. & youtube

Jannecke Oinaes - Host of "Wisdom from

North.' Asking big questions to people around

the world. & youtube

Landria Onkka - Spiritual Advisor and 

manifestation coach, mentoring and empowering others. & youtube

Operation Underground Rescue - Devoted

to the eradication of child sex trafficking. & youtube

Andrea Pennington - A woman of many hats teaching self-love, and authenticity. & youtube

Ester Perel - Relationship expert. Ever wonder why half of all marriages end in divorce? & youtube

Newly Added

React19 - Bringing healing to those facing side-effects from the Covid 19 Vaccine. & youtube

Reiki - Energy transferred through hands of 

practitioners for emotional and physical as well 

as chakra balancing. & youtube

Rapid Transformational Therapy - Fastest

growing hypnotherapy technique, developed by Marisa Peer. & youtube

Michael Roads - Author, modern mystic, and 

teacher of inner peace with our outer worlds. & youtube

The Root Brands - Toxins vs. Wellness through natural, non-GMO, organic, vegan, and gluten free products. & youtube

Anna Runkle - Childhood PTSD survivor, 

changing paradigms with her tools and coaching. & youtube

J.P.Sears - Humor = Smiling = Health. He's not

a cure-all, but he'll make you question ridiculous things with a smile. So it's a start. youtube

The Sedona Method - Scientifically proven

to help release unwanted feelings & emotions. & youtube

Dr.Sharnael Wolverton Sehon - Author, Minister, naturopathic doctor and teacher of Divine health. & youtube

The Shift Network - Community of inspiring individuals and services, shifting humanity to

the next level. & youtube

Sexual Abuse - Help, healing & recovery.

Voices are being heard!

Jose Silva - Author of the one and only Silva Meditation method! Feel it to believe it! Article youtube

Somatic Experiencing - Frees the body of 'stuck' traumatic energies., & youtube

Start Your Own Recovery - Find support

and resources for substance misuse and recovery.

Suicide Prevention - People care, more than some may realize. Call 988 or go to

Teal Swann - Childhood abuse surviver, who inspires millions of people to find their freedom

and joy. & youtube

Eckhart Tolle - One of the best known, best-selling spiritual authors and teachers in the U.S. & youtube 

Neale Donald Walsch - Spiritual messenger and renowned author of the Conversations with God series. & youtube

More to Come...

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