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Truth Seekers 

~ Below is a list of people and information worth a moment of your consciousness. Helping others awaken to different belief systems of one form or another in the pursuit of truth. ~

American Media Periscope - Online news network with Unrestricted Truths and more rumble

Shaun Attwood - From jail to independent researcher, author & 'True Crimes' podcast host., & youtube 

Bitchute - A alternative to YouTube for video streaming, viewing and sharing. 

Blacklisted News - The things Mom and Pop's main stream media won't report on. & Leaks & Dumps

Madame Blavatsky - Philosopher, Occultist,

and co-founder of the Theosophical Society. & youtube

Russel Brand - Humor for a crazy world might not be so bad for a truth seeker. & rumble

Dannion Brinkley - Near Death Experiencer, author, hospice care worker and prophetic visionary. Links: article  &  youtube 

Brutal Proof - Exposing the heavy, unsettling information people might not be aware of.  

Thomas Campbell - Consciousness research 

and lecturer of our connection to reality. & youtube 

Billy Carson - Author, Gaia TV host on Deep 

Space, and researcher of ancient texts. & youtube

Kerry Cassidy - Investigative reporter and filmmaker of whistleblower testimony.,  rumble,  youtube

Jimmy Church - 'Fade to Black' talk show

host of the strange and unusual of our time. & youtube 

Vernon Coleman - Author of 100+ novels, including conspiracies against human health. & rumble

Alex Collier - Contactee of an extraterrestrial

race of beings called Andromedans. & youtube

Patricia Cori - Author, visionary, web host

and scribe for the six-dimensional Sirian High Counsil. & youtube

The Cosmic Secret - Who are we? Why are

we here? What is our destiny? David Wilcock, 

Corey Goode & others offer answers. rumble

Liz Crokin - Conspiracy theorist, columnist, reporter, author and sex crimes advocate.           article & rumble

Erich Von Däniken - Author of 'Chariots of the Gods,' covering how ET's influenced our ancient society. & youtube

Elena Danaan - Contactee & author, helping

disclose truth through her consciousness work. & youtube

Ashayana Deane - Author of The Voyager books, detailing the Guardian Races looking after & rumble

John Desouza - FBI Top Secret Security

Clearance Agent and investigator of the real & youtube

Mark Devlin - Awakened DJ, speaking on the

dark forces that have manipulated the masses through music. & rumble

Laura Eisenhower - Great-granddaughter of

the former President and researcher of our

galactic history. & rumble

Every Day Concerned Citizen - a great website with information to facilitate change. & youtube

Fighting Monarch - Resistance site for CIA,

NSA, MI5 and MK-Ultra mind control victims. 

Joseph P Ferrell - Author & Scholar of 

many diverse books pertaining to our world. & rumble

Forbidden Knowledge News - Conversations with Chris on deep topics with everyday people & rumble

Charlie Freak - Truth seeker, word decoder, 

consciousness expander, and FreakSense TV

host with his wife Colleen. rumble 

Martin Geddes - Computer scientist, author, futurologist technologist on bitchute

Kristin Gillespie - Filmmaker who turned her personal addiction into an awake-umentary. 

rumble & youtube

Great Awakening Global Community -

A wonderful community for --- you guessed it!. 

Patty Greer - Award winning producer of eight crop circle and UFO films. & rumble

Neville Goddard - Prophet, teacher, author 

and pioneer of modern mysticism & youtube

Graham Hancock - Writer of ancient 

civilizations, and states of consciousness. & youtube

Lewis Herms - A man on a mission,

touring and 'red-pilling' the countryside & youtube

Gina Hill - Independent researcher of the

unseen world in our skies and out in space.

And she dances too. youtube

Richard C. Hoagland - Proponent of NASA, Moon & Mars Conspiracies, and founder of the & is on youtube

David Icke - Once publicly ridiculed for claims

that are now mainstream topics.,  rumble & youtube 

Max Igan - Activist, pubic speaker, creator of podcasts, videos, articles and documentaries & rumble

Newly Added

Kim Iversen - Independent analysis and host, talking with those the mainstream media won't, youtube & rumble

Michael Jaco - Ex Navy SEAL, CIA, & Remote Viewer with insights and courses for intuition development. courses & rumble

Annie Jacobsen - Investigative journalist and author of several controversial books. anniejacobsen.comyoutube

Miles Johnston - BBC engineer & 'Bases

Project' researcher of AI, GMO's, Epigenetics and 

5g.,  rumble & bitchute

Mel K - A New York gal who's a lover of truth, justice, and freedom. Sharing her findings with

the world. rumble

Carrie Kohan - Psychic, ET contactee, author, intuitive transformational coach and child safety advocate. youtube

Matthew Lacroix - Author & researcher of 

lost civilizations, ancient history and the nature

of reality. youtube

Light On Conspiracies - The amazing Ole Dammegard and his 'Conspiritual' crusade can be found here:  

Ted Mahr - Host of 'Out of this World Radio.' UFO's, metaphysics, spirituality & conspiracies. & rumble

Henry Makow - A journalist since the age of eleven, Henry has come a long way with his

words. & here

Jim Marrs - Journalist, conspiracy author and former member of the 'Scholars for 9/11 Truth.'

His life work lives on. Links: 1,   2  & rumble

Jordan Maxwell - Esoteric scholar of religion, secret societies, the occult and astro-theology.

RIP JM! & youtube

Dr.Richard Alan Miller - An extensive resume, and wealth of pioneering information & youtube

George Noory - Radio Host covering things

paranormal, conspiratorial and out of this world. & youtube

Not on the Beeb - Founded for real news & medical information missing from the MSM. & youtube

Brad Olsen - Esoteric author, speaker and presenter at live events, radio broadcasts and television shows. & youtube

Out of Shadows - Documentary about Mind-control, corruption in Hollywood and the Main Steam Media. youtube


Pandamned - The latest documentary by 

filmmaker Marijn Poels who calls on journalist to shift to the center. & rumble

Simon Parkes - Former British politician, and

host of 'Connecting Consciousness.' & rumble

Cyrus Parsa - CEO of 'The AI Organization' and author of 'Artificial Intelligence Dangers to Humanity.' & youtube

Newly Added

Lisa Pease - Researcher and author of 'A Lie

to Big to Fail: The Real History of Assassination'' & rumble  

Dr.Pete Peterson - A top scientist and

widely considered one of the most prolific

inventors. Links: 1,   2 & youtube

Magenta Pixie - Web host and clairvoyant channel of the white-winged collective of Nine. & youtube

Newly Added

Planet Lockdown - The brightest and bravest speak out on what's really going on in our world. & rumble

Amazing Polly - Living up to her name for

the information she compiles and presents.,  rumble & bitchute 

Robert Potter - Contactee of Venusians and Pleiadians who is shedding light on our galactic brotherhoodarticle,  youtube & bitchute

Prepare for Change A network of truth seekers from around the world.  

Propaganda ExposedA documentary mini-series featuring some of the leading minds of the awakening world. here  

Newly Added

RedactedNatalie & Clayton Morris give you an alternative to the Mockingbird Media. 

rumble & youtube 

Anna Von Reitz Controversial judge who speaks out through her writings and website. & youtube  

Brian Rose - Founder of London Real,

interviewer of many of today's inspiring minds & youtube  

Roxytube - Another video sanctuary from 

censorship for those looking for answers.   

Dr. Michael Salla - Teacher, author, insider of

the Secret Space Program and ET alliances. & youtube

Juan O. Savin - Mystery man with much to say about what's going on in today's world. 

rumble & bitchute 

Anshu Sharma - A wise, insightful woman spreading, love, light, truth and wisdom through her videos. youtube

Jason Shurka - Author, producer, and

founder of 'UNIFYD' movement.,  rumble & youtube

Zecharia Sitchin - Researcher and author linking the anunnaki as extraterrestrials within

our solar system. & youtube

Star Nations News - Valuable resource for information, geared towards on, below and off-planet thinkers. 

Starship Earth:The Big Picture - What's happening on our Planet, and why. 

Robert David Steele - Former Marine,

CIA Spy, and founder of #UNRIGRIP RDS 

Sacha Stone - Public speaker, writer, advocate

for human rights, natural justice and founder of

the & is on youtube

Sean Stone - Truth seeker, actor, writer,

producer, cinematographer, screenwriter, media host. & youtube

Stop World Control - Exposing crimes and corruption around the globe. & rumble

Marshall Vian Summers - Spiritual teacher

from whom he refers as 'The Unseen ones.' & youtube

The Swerdlows - Stewart & Janet's work as oversoul intuitives for self-discovery is renown. & rumble

Deborah Taveres - Activist and Researcher of globalist plans, like weather and population control. & youtube 

Michael Tellinger - Author, researcher and founder of the Ubuntu Liberation Movement. & youtube 

Laura Thompson - Speaker, author, and online host, exposing the unfolding agenda of the Elite.,  youtube  & rumble

2000 Mules - Was the 2020 election stolen?

Is a case is made with this documentary?

article  & rumble

Charles Ward - International financial analyst with insider knowledge of the global financial situation. rumble

Newly Added

Whitney Webb - Professional writer, researcher and journalist extraordinaire rumble

Alfred L Webre - Father of Exopolitics, and

an advocate of the multiverse theory. & youtube

David Wilcock - Writer and lecturer of his extensive research and whistleblower testimony. & rumble

Sherry Wilde - A contactee with an amazing story of her experiences and understanding

them. & youtube

Hans Wilhelm - For a better perspective on

the laws of the universe, look no further than Hans. & youtube

Mikki Willis American filmmaker, entrepreneur, 

and director of the film 'Plandemic'. 

More to Come...

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