~ Here are some people who exposed inside information.

Is it more convenient to assume they're all liars? ~

Ellen Atkins - Experimented on as a child,

her MKUltra story has gained steam.

Links: 1,   2  &  youtube

Kevin Annett - Author and founder of ITCCS-International Tribunal for the Crimes of Church

and State. article murderbydecree.com 

Dr. Norman Bergrun - NASA Scientist, 

engineer and author of 'The Ring Makers of

Saturn.' Links: 1,   2,   3,   book & youtube

Ronald Bernard - A whistleblower of occult practices and child sacrifice among the banking industry elites. article & youtube

Dr. John Brandenburg Renowned plasma 

physicist, suggests mars suffered a planetary nuclear massacre. Links: 1,   2,   3  & youtube

Dan Burisch, AKA Dan Crain - Microbiologist, who worked with an ET named J-Rod at Area 51. danburisch.info & youtube

Newly Added

Code Monkey Z - Ron Watkins, conspiracy theorist, election fraud proponent and congress hopeful. bitchute & website

William Cooper - Author, ex-military, former

radio show host, and famed conspiracy theorist.

Links: 1,   2,   3  & youtube

Philip J. Corso - Army Colonel, author & researcher of ET technology from the Roswell crash. Links: 1,   2,   3,   book & youtube 

The Day the Earth Changed - Documentary about corruption, manipulation and exposing

the ugly truthsyoutube & bitchute 


Henry Deacon, AKA Author Neumann -  

Bases on Mars, time travel, free-energy devices. 

Links: 1,    2  & youtube

Newly Added

Bill Deagle - Foreteller of the New World Order

and biopharmaceutical enslavement agenda. 

Links:  1,   2,   3  &  youtube

Bob Dean - Former U.S. Sergeant Major, and UFO researcher, insider and contactee.

Links: 1,   2  & Amazing youtube Interview

Gene Decode - Navy Veteran and insider

on Deep Underground Military Bases (D.U.M.B.s)

rumble & youtube

Claire Edwards - Former UN staff member speaking out on the Covid genocide agenda. 

bitchute & youtube

Catherine Austin Fitts - Investment banker

and former public official with excellent video

about PLANET LOCKDOWN. bitchute

Stanton Friedman - Nuclear Physicist,

UFOlogist, and Roswell incident investigator.

stantonfriedman.com & youtube 

Benjamin Fulford - Investigative reporter on

the secret war for control of the earth

benjaminfulford.net rumble

Corey Goode - Secret Space Program (SSP)

alumni and contactee of the Blue Avians.

spherebeingalliance.com & youtube

Paul Hellyer - Former member of Canadian Parliament and Minister of Defense speaks out.

Links:  1,   2  & youtube

Illuminate the Darkness - Those who have researched and even broken free from occult systemilluminatethedarkness.org

Dorothy Kilgallen - Famed reporter knew

too much about JFK's assassination. Links: 1,   2

thedorothykilgallenstory.org & youtube

Bob Lazar - The first Area 51 informant, having worked with crashed UFO materials including  'Element 115'. Links: 1,   2  & youtube

John Lear - Former Captain of the Air Force

& C.I.A. pilot who has since revealed many

secrets. RIP JL.  Links: 1,   2,   3  & youtube

Anneke Lucas - Former child sex slave sold

to elite network, turned healing advocate.

annekelucas.com  Links: 1,   2  & youtube

Dr.David E Martin - Man of many hats who 

wrote 'The Fauci/Covid-19 Dossier.' 

PDF file, davidmartin.world bitchute

Molly MaCauley - World renowned scientist

killed for exposing vote manipulation using 

satellites. Links: 1,   2  & rumble

Mark McCandlish - Advocate of free energy, 

killed before offering to testify before the Senate.

markmccandlish.com Links: 1,   2   

Dr. Judy Mikovits - Brilliant scientist who exposed corruption and the current plandemic

drjudyamikovits.com,  rumble & youtube 

Newly Added

Luc Montagnier - French virologist, discoverer

of AIDS, who spoke out against vaccines.  

Links: 1,   2,   3,  rumbleyoutube

Kary Mullis - Nobel Prize winner and PCR test inventor who died in 2019 before the pandemic. 

Links: 1,   2,   3,  rumble & youtube

Newly Added

Dr. Andreas Noack - Renown chemist and top graphene expert, died after posting a vaccine lecture. Links: 1,   2,   3,  rumble & bitchute

Cathy O'Brien - MK Ultra sex slave survivor

and author of 'Trance: Formation of America.'

trance-formation.com,  rumble & youtube

Janet Ossebaard - Documentarian of the film

'Fall of the Cabal,' a must watch 10 part series found. here & here 


Out of Shadows - Documentary about Mind-control, corruption in Hollywood and the Main Steam Media. outofshadows.org youtube

Seth Rich - DNC Staffer who exposed e-mails

that many believe lead to his murder.

Links: 1,   2,   3,   rumble & youtube  

Aaron Russo - Film Producer, Director and

activist who exposed what he learned from those he knew. Links: 1,   2  & Clips: 1,   2,   3

Emery Smith - U.S. Air force veteran, scientist, inventor, and surgeon who has interacted with 

Extraterrestrial life. emerysmith.net & rumble

The Sound of Freedom - The true story of Tim Ballard rescuing sex trafficking victims. 

timballard.org & youtube

Sgt. Clifford Stone - UFO crash site specialist who telepathically communicated with survivors. Links:  1,   2,   3  & Clips: 1,   2

William Thompkins - Naval intelligence, aerospace engineer, and revealer of his secretive

life's work. Links:  1,   2,   3  & Clips: 1,   2  

A Thousand Pieces - Must see documentary

to help awaken the masses to the lies & deception. rumble  

Newly Added

Ukraine on Fire - Documentary looks at the complicated country others want to control. 

Links:  1,   2,   3  & rumble

Newly Added

Watch the Water - New documentary about

the origins of Covid-19 and a possible end-game scenario. rumble

Brandy Vaughan - Vaccine whistleblower

who died young and mysteriously.  article

brandyvaughan.com & learntherisk.org

Gary Webb - Investigative Journalist who

exposed crimes that lead to his death. 

Links: 1,   2,   rumble & youtube

More to Come...

* There is no website more valuable for Whistleblower information and testimony, than ProjectCamelot.org

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The further society 
drifts from the truth,,,
the more it will hate 
those who speak it.
~George Orwell